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GOING GREY – out now, at the speed of 'Zon.

Whoa! That was fast. I blinked and almost missed it. GOING GREY parachuted into the Kindle store at 1512 GMT. (I was busy filling out an industry survey at the time the notification arrived, working myself into a froth about the proposed ECL scheme with my blood pressure well into four figures.) If this is the brave new world of publishing, I like it. A few hours ago, I was tinkering with the source document: now it's on sale. How very modern.

In fact, it's so fast that I haven't finished gussying up this web site, which I've revamped again to make it a better experience on mobile devices. So forgive me for any odd stock images on banners and so on.

I'll be back to much more frequent blogging now – stand by for some anecdotes and beans-spilling about the industry.

But for now – buy! Put food on my table! Please!

It'll be out on other channels in various formats in due course but as the speed of 'Zon has caught me with my pants down, I'll have to get up to date with that later.