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Goodreads "Ask The Author"

I'll be answering questions on Goodreads from July 14 to 18. (If you're not already registered to use the site, it only takes a couple of minutes and all they want is an e-mail addy and a password to sign in. Nothing intrusive that commits you to a life of being harvested and monetised.) I'll be fielding questions on GOING GREY and the Ringer series, other upcoming novel series and comics, and writing/ publishing in general.

In other news, I've discovered that over-ripe melon that I'd normally consign to the bin makes a fantastic tropical sorbet with the addition of some coconut milk (the milk substitute variety you get in litre cartons) and a few spoonfuls of stevia or the sweetener of your choice. No egg white, no syrup, and no other weird additives. If you want to avoid the rock-hard tooth-busting texture that home-made ices acquire after a spell in the freezer, try adding a splash of rum; I did an experiment and the alcohol seems to do the trick, although I didn't use as much as I thought I'd need to get the effect. It's half a capful of alcohol – the cap of a standard spirits bottle – to a 500 ml of sorbet mixture.