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Odds and ends

Apologies for the lack of a coherent theme today. Brace for snippets:

1. GOING GRAY is now GOING GREY. Gray made some sense when I was working for US publishers, but I'm English, dammit, and it's time I went back to my own spelling. (If I can remember what it is. That SOED subscription – for the thesaurus - is going to be doing double duty.)

2. I'll be upgrading the web site again at the beginning of June to make it more phone-friendly. (I build and maintain my own site, hence the schedule.) If you subscribe to the RSS feed and it drops off the plot, you might need to clock again.

3. A charity to support: some excellent folk from the 501st and other SW fan groups have been doing their bit to raise awareness and funds for
this scheme in Kenya. Yes, sanitary pad underwear. It's hard for us in the West to imagine such a small issue being a barrier to girls' education, but that's the way it is.

4. Rye porridge, where have you been all my life? I love 100% rye bread, but while hefting a bag of rye flour to make my own*, I wondered if there was anything else you could do with the grain. Silly me. All those Finnish and Danish recipes! I rushed out to score some rye flakes and found that rye porridge is lush. I still like oatmeal porridge, but rye is addictively chewy.

(*I don't get good results, unless you count its ballistic properties. So I'm going to carry on buying loaves of Village Bakery Rossisky.)