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Hits the spot

I love the taste of bitter oranges in the morning.
Many years ago on an assignment in Malta, I tried a local soft drink called Kinnie, and was immediately smitten. It's made from bitter oranges, herbs, and all kinds of stuff that make it absolutely nothing like any other fruit soda*. I was reminiscing about it to a friend this week and looked for a web site to show them what I was talking about. Joy upon joy unending: I found that Kinnie is now available in the UK via Amazon, and even has diet and sugar-free versions. A case turned up on my doorstep this morning. Ooh, that's what I'm talking about. Get your laughing gear around that. Good stuff!

(*Except maybe Irn Bru, in weirdness terms. That's off limits if you're Canadian, though, because you're obviously too soft and girly to be allowed Irn Bru, Ovatline, and Marmite now.)