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Peer pressure

A big boy made me do it and ran away.
Yes, I’m tweeting now. Against my better judgment, but when you’re literally surrounded by Cliff Bleszinki, Rod Fergusson AND Greg Mitchell, who makes the Master Chief look like a short-arse, and told it really would be a very good idea to relent and bloody well sign up NOW, then there’s nowhere left to run. I was in a weak moment. Gears 3 had just launched. I was knackered. And I was so pleased with the way the game had been received that I would have said yes to anything right then, so I just handed my phone to Rod and let him corrupt my media purity.

So let’s see how it goes. @karentraviss And it does no harm for any writer to learn how to say things in 140 characters or less, I suppose. Welcome back to the lost art of the telegram.