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A technical interlude

I’ve got a few ongoing production problems with the trade paperback edition of BLACK RUN at the moment. Copies that reached me yesterday had paper warping issues (i.e. the pages have a ripple and the book won’t lie flat when closed) as well as variations in cover reproduction that I’m pretty sure can be improved. The paperback will be temporarily unavailable while I get those things fixed. I’ve altered elements of the cover to compensate for what I think the repro problem is and sharpen up the type and image (matt finish covers can be a challenge because of the filter effect of the coating) but the design’s the same. It’s just technical tweaking at the file level.

For the technically minded, the gradients and effects on the cover type worked fine for GOING GREY (also a matt finish) but just didn’t fly at all this time around, despite going through exactly the same process. I’m unpicking that at the moment.

If you’ve bought a trade paperback of BLACK RUN and you’re not happy with the physical quality of your copy or you’ve returned it to the retailer, let me know so that I can feed back the information to the printer. The cover artwork is mostly in my hands until I hand over the file, but the printing and binding isn’t, so all information is useful.

In the meantime, the Kindle and iTunes versions are immune to that sort of thing, so if you can’t wait for the paperback, there’s an alternative. If you don’t use iTunes or Kindle apps to read your digital books, I’ve made sure that the e-book can be run through Calibre to convert it to the format you need.