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Before you start to feel sorry for Piers Morgan...

Making it up as they go along.
...just remember why he was fired from his job as editor of the Daily Mirror:

(BBC News, May 2004)

Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan has been sacked after the newspaper conceded photos of British soldiers abusing an Iraqi were fake.

In case you’re wondering, the pictures looked unconvincing and posed even on first glance (especially the “action” shots) and even a local newspaper’s picture editor would have done a lot of very careful verification before publishing them. The Mirror went ahead and printed them on its front page, putting our troops’ lives at even more risk than they already were. Just remember that next time you see him on CNN. It was seven years ago, but a lot of us over here haven’t forgotten.

So allegations about the Mirror phone-hacking Heather Mills on his watch really don’t shift the needle on my outrage-o-meter after that.