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So the galleys of HALO: GLASSLANDS are done and dusted, and the book is now grinding through the production machine to emerge as a shiny TPB on October 25. If you’re going to HaloFest in Seattle in a couple of weeks’ time, then you might even get a few spoilers from me if I’m in one of my rare good moods. I can be bribed with pork rinds. Just sayin’.

And thank you to all those readers who’ve enquired about my welfare in strife-torn Blighty. I appreciate your concern. But it’s business as usual here, and I’m not only from Portsmouth, I also have my own baseball bat. NSFW moment of the day: as ever, the Daily Mash sums it up so much better than the so-called real media, who seem to be standing on a chair and screaming like girls. August was, I recall, what we called the Silly Season is every newsroom I worked in. Deep social problems? Again, the Mash nails it. Yes, Constable, it’s time to front up and earn it. You get paid a hell of a lot more than the average British soldier, who has to face much more dangerous bastards than 16-year-old yobs, and there’s no Health & Safety law or union rep to look after him.

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