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Straight from the author's mouth

Shiny new web site. Stand from under. Still a few loose tiles...
I’ve not been a regular blogger for some time now, on the grounds that there are already too many gobshites out there opining as it is. The world doesn’t need one more. And I can summarise my worldly views in one line, because I’ve had many years to refine them to a single, pure, glistening stream of vitriol: all politicians are scum, I’d do anything for our lads and lasses in uniform, and I like fountain pens, pork rinds, and gadgets. I’ll have that embroidered on a tea towel, I think.

I tossed a coin on whether to hire a professional designer to do my web site again or whether to plunge in and do the revamp myself using a flint and a stick. In the end, with a lot of advice from the excellent Sean Timarco Baggaley, fellow writer and old friend, I discovered an authoring tool that’s almost Traviss-proof. So here it is. The new site. Blog, FAQs, the full monty. Maybe I’ll find time to learn to add bells and whistles one day, but for the time being, this’ll work okay.

I’m leaning towards podcasts for the future rather than text blogs because it’s faster. Now all I have to do is work out whether to use my TV/ radio voice, or yer actual Pompey one. They’re very different. Maybe I’ll veer between them and scare the hell out of everyone.