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Anyone out there working in law enforcement in Maine?

Quick question/ appeal for info: if any of you work in law enforcement in the state of Maine and can answer a procedural question, can you drop me a line, please? (Addy on contact page.) I need to run a detail past someone who specifically knows the drill for Maine. (Yes, it's for a book. I have not been busted...) I just want to get a small detail right. It's very specific, and buddies who work in law enforcement in other states have given me their take on it, but it needs to be right for Maine. The public information I can find doesn't cover it. All help from qualified persons gratefully received. (By which I mean that while I appreciate help, I can't use well-meaning guesswork. It has to be hands-on knowledge.) I aim to handle detail in such a way that anyone working in a certain field doesn't wonder what the hell I was thinking when I wrote about their job -- it's a matter of professional respect for the folks who do it for real. Thank you!