Ah, comics. I finally got a chance to write them, which was a wonderful break. I love comics. I believe in comics. I even read comics, which is quite something given that I never read novels. They challenge you like no other medium, and you get to work with incredible artists.

I was mind-bogglingly lucky to get the legendary Colin Wilson as artist on my first comic, Gears of War #15, THEY ALSO SERVE. (DC Comics.) There'll be ten Gears comics from me - four Pendulum Wars stories with backgrounders on the Gears cast, and a six-part series DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS set between Gears games 2 and 3. It's stuff that won't be in the books or the games, so it's essential reading.
(Images © DC Comics.)

The hardcover compilation of all my Gears comics is out from DC Comics in January 2013. You can pre-order from Amazon now.


Pendulum Wars
Dirty Little Secrets
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