GOING GRAY is about private military contractors, ill-advised experiments, mucky politics, and things going horribly, horribly wrong. Oh, and identity. What you see might not be what you get. If you see it coming at all...

I'm very sorry for all the delays with this book.It's been dogged by delays beyond my control, and the result of the earlier delays left the story overtaken by real world events during 2013 in such a way that I needed to rewrite it substantially. That left me with a book that had slipped in the schedules to 2015 – way too late under the circumstances. I've now withdraw it from the publisher so that I can publish it independently this summer .

If you've already ordered from Amazon or another retailer, you might get a cancellation notice or something, but don't worry. As soon as the book goes back in the list, you can buy it as an e-book immediately or order the trade paperback.

Anyway, watch this space, as they say.

June 2014 – digital first edition in the Kindle store.
(Other e-books formats, trade paperback, and audio to follow – dates TBA.)