This is the Mando'a alphabet. I didn't create it, and I can't change or add to it, so please don't ask me to. It's Lucasfilm's property; copyright law applies. I can't give you permission to use it, and I can't advise on copyright law because I'm not a lawyer, but if I were, I'd charge such outrageous fees that you wouldn't be able to afford me anyway. This is only for your own private and personal amusement. Which means no posting this online, either, and it doesn't matter if you're not doing it for profit. Go check the copyright page again. Don't abuse it, and then you won't lose it. Okay?

This isn't new, of course. Most of it has already been posted (and even tattooed) elsewhere ages ago by fans who've used the AOTC visual dictionary. You'll note that there are letters which aren't in the original 22-letter alphabet as conceived by Jesse Harlin, like F, X and Z, but Mando'ade have to be able to spell out those pesky aruetyc names somehow...the grammar guide explains all that.

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