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  • Are you going to resolve Delta Squad's story and tell us what happens to Sev? (Republic Commando's Delta Squad, not Gears' Delta Squad.)

    Alas, no. I can't. This entry from my blog from October 2008 explains why. And if I can't take Sev's story any further, then there's not much more I can do with Delta, either.

    A word about Sev

    Now that ORDER 66 is out in the wild, and Kleenex sales are probably doing well as a result, I have to answer a few questions for readers.

    Don't worry - no spoilers yet, because it's way too soon for all those folks in the UK who can't get the book yet, let alone everyone who's still reading it in the US. But I'm getting a lot of mail from those who have finished it, and many of them want to know something. What happens to Sev when the saga continues as IMPERIAL COMMANDO?

    Actually, this isn't a new question, and I've been answering it since 2005 in interviews and on con panels. It bears repeating now. Sorry, but I can't take Sev beyond the end of his story arc in the RepCom game. His fate won't feature in IMPERIAL COMMANDO: 501st or any other book for the foreseeable future. I don't want anyone building up expectations and then having them dashed after waiting until August next year find out. I've been up front about this from the start.

    Sev is LucasArts' character, and - very sensibly - they want to leave their options open for the future, in case they ever do another game featuring Delta Squad. No, I have no idea if that'll ever happen, so please don't bug LucasArts about it. This is just normal industry common sense about not shutting any doors that you don't have to. Every games company would do - should do - exactly the same thing.

    So I can't take Sev's story beyond the end of the game, where he's still MIA. That's all there is to it. I've gone as far as I can with him, and I'll miss him, just like you will. But this is the reality of working in a shared universe, with products that have very different timetables and needs. Games are huge multi-million dollar investments, and it would be plain daft to paint yourself into a corner by letting key characters go off on a separate tangent in another medium that might stymie you if you ever decide you want to return to that world.

    It's not as if you'll be short of characters to worry about in 501st, after all. There'll be more than enough psychotic snipers to go around in the new galactic order.

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