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This is all about fiction work. There are a few non-fiction books out there with essays of mine in them, but let's stick to what you've really come here for – storytelling.

I've split my novels into series, with a reader advisory for age suitability just in case. I don’t write YA books. All my books are for adult readers and most are M for Mature. Click on the series title for more information. Kids probably hear worse in the playground and see much more extreme stuff on TV, but I issue the warnings just in case. And there are some words that are mild in the UK but enough to cause the vapours in the USA, and vice versa. So bear that in mind.

Some books make me money, some don't, and with some I haven't been paid what I'm owed. That's par for the course for authors. It's not your problem as a reader whether I get paid or not, but if you want your favourite authors to be able to carry on writing, it makes sense to buy what rewards them most. In my case, buying GOING GREY, BLACK RUN, or VIEW OF A REMOTE COUNTRY puts food on my table. Buying any other title listed here won't.

By way of a benchmark, I've now made more royalties on one modest 10-issue comic series than I made from my first 24 novels (12 of them NYT bestsellers) over ten years. Given that I stopped counting my sales at one million books, you can see why more writers are now publishing their stuff independently and cutting out middlemen like publishing houses and agents. I think those numbers say more about the reality of the book industry than all the graphs, pie-charts, and business analyses in the world.

GOING GREY (first in the new RINGER series)

BLACK RUN (Ringer book #2)






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