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BLACK RUN (RINGER series #2)

Rating: M for Mature.
Violence and strong language. No explicit sex, but some sexual references. (On a par with my Gears of War books, if you need a benchmark.)

Black Run CS web
The past doesn't forgive. The past doesn't forget. And it knows where to find you.

Rob Rennie's life hasn't got any quieter since he left the Royal Marines and teamed up with an American vet, Mike Brayne. Mike – eccentric, idealistic, and enormously wealthy – can't resist righting wrongs. He's rescued a genetically-engineered teenager on the run from an experimental defence programme, brought down the head of the biotech corporation hunting the boy, and now he's waiting for the company to make another move, if it dares.

But Rob lives by the maxim that there's no such thing as over. And something's certainly not over for him. An unknown, unseen enemy is stalking him, with tragic consequences for his son and ex-wife. As Rob and Mike close ranks to protect their families, they find themselves up against industrial espionage, two warring scientists, and a blood feud that won't end until somebody pays with their life.

The buried past has been biding its time to explode beneath them. Now their best hope of putting it to rest forever could lie in the unique genetic skills of a runaway teenager.

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ISBN-10: 154303523X

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