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More books, and a boiler

Chop chop busy busy work work bang bang!
Is it October already? Damn. Okay, updates:

1. My first creator-owned novel in a while is out in August 2013 from Simon & Schuster -- GOING GRAY. Well, that's got a lot of meanings. But you know me well enough to realise this isn't going to be about home hair colourants. It's set about 10 to 15 years from now, so no ansibles, aliens, or post-apolcayptic far-futures this time. Lord knows the current era is bleak – and weird – enough...

2. THE THURSDAY WAR (my second Halo novel, featuring those naughty ONI black ops boys and girls of Kilo-Five) is out now, and the audiobook will follow shortly.

3. My new immersion heater has made me very happy. Yes, this is dull domestic detail. But when the plumber put a new header tank at a much higher position in the loft yesterday, and swapped my immersion heater for a new model whose gross weight wasn't 95% limescale, I discovered that water can both be very hot and also flow into my kitchen sink in copious quantities, a state of bliss hitherto unimagined. Let joy be unconfined!

Chop chop busy busy work work bang bang? (No, not biscuits. BT.)