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Batman: Arkham Unhinged

So I'm doing Batman. He's just this billionaire, y'know?
Yes, it's all out in the open now. In fact it's on sale from today: I'm now writing a weekly Batman series for the fine folks at DC Comics, namely ARKHAM UNHINGED, starting with issue 44. For a quick rundown, see this interview I did with IGN. If you've got a smartphone or a tablet, you can find it via your comics app of choice, otherwise it's available here. Digital first, print edition later. But you can't wait, can you? Go on, buy the digital version. It's a bargain. And it looks divine. As usual, I got lucky with the art – the fabulous Riccardo Burchielli is doing the initial issues. I always get great artists. (Thank you, DC.)

No, I never thought I'd end up doing superheroes. But this is me, so it's "Look, what if you lived in Gotham, and this happened in YOUR town?" Never before have I been able to combine my painfully-acquired knowledge of city hall, the police, and what billionaires wear under their armour in one book.

As my friend Sean put it when I told him I was "doing Batman": "Dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner BATMAN!" And that was all he said. Although we did talk about the security implications of having a bleedin' great projection of a bat shining from Gotham PD's roof.

But Jim Gordon's wised up to that now.