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Back to basics

Less is more. I think I’ve said that before, haven’t I?
Some of you probably remember that I was never exactly keen on Twitter, and that I didn’t so much embrace it as hold its limp, clammy hand in a weak, disinterested kind of way until I could let go when I was no longer under external pressure to do it. Okay, I don’t have to do it now: so this is my compromise with everyone who decided to follow me. Rather than pull the plug on Twitter now that I’ve evaluated it and decided it’s not earning its keep, I’m going to go back to my blog and let a clever piece of software Tweet the link instead.

Basically, you get the same degree of insight and information, but you get it in coherent English and at a length appropriate to the subject. For my part, responding on Twitter is exactly like getting e-mails - it’s not a broader discussion and I get asked the same questions multiple times because few people click on through and follow the whole exchange, or check back through the entire timeline. So I won’t be reading Twitter (I admit I haven’t looked at it for a few months) but you can still talk to me.

Twitter might be terrific for some people. But I’m a data-rational girl, and my suspicions that it would do nothing for my business have been confirmed. (And I only have an online presence because my business requires it. If it didn’t, I wouldn’t even have a web site.) Generally speaking, people who were interested in my tweets already consumed the stuff I produced. So if you were following me for news on what I’m doing, then you’ll still get that here. If you followed me to ask questions or generally make contact, you can click on the CONTACT ME link on the right-hand menu here and talk to me by e-mail. That means the people who want to get information or tell me something won’t lose out.

A blog requires more time to read, and digesting it isn’t something you can usually do on your iPhone under the table while you’re in a boring meeting. But I’m happier not Tweeting because it’s just not me, not at all, and the effort required to find stuff to tweet is greater than blogging when I’ve got something concrete to communicate. Blogging is much closer to my natural journo mode, even if I need a bit of prodding to keep it up. The minutiae of my life aren’t even noteworthy to me; but I really wouldn’t want to share them even if they were. And there’s rarely anything so urgent in my work that I need to issue newsflashes. I’ve worked out what urgent really means.

I blog when something interesting happens or if I have news to announce. I’ll try to get back to a weekly schedule, more or less.