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Moving platforms

Now that I've closed my Facebook page, which is where most of my discussions with readers about books and writing took place, I'll be moving that activity over to my Goodreads blog. It seemed like the logical thing to do. The Goodreads one has a comments function, so you can have a chat with me, whereas this one doesn't. If you don't want to dive into my Twitter feed – which is basically politics, defence, mil hist, cookery, spiders, and general hilarity, and might not be to everyone's taste – then Goodreads is your best bet.

Material that I blog via Goodreads doesn't get duplicated here, so it'll be unique content. I'll still sync content from here so that it appears on Goodreads as well, but the rest will be specific to Goodreads.

That's how I
think it works, anyway. Drop by for a chat any time. You'll be very welcome.