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Stop the presses: Cameron actually delivers

Arctic Convoy veterans finally get their medal. And about time.
Don't get me wrong. I still have almost nothing positive to say about the Government, the Opposition, and the assorted ghastlies who surround them. I haven't gone mental or anything. I still have my wits about me.

But Cameron has actually delivered on a promise he made he made while he was in opposition. The WWII Arctic Convoy veterans will finally get their medals. I have to say I was expecting the government to kick this one around until they lost it, in other words stalling until all the Arctic veterans were dead. There are only 400 of these brave old boys left, and the powers that be have been dicking around over this for a callously long time. The vets were refused medals before because of "protocol." I've got another word for it, but I'm trying to cut back on my liberal use of profanity these days.

Now -- for once -- the decent thing has finally been done.

In case you don't know why these veterans deserve the modest recognition of a medal, here's why.

The Russians decorated them many years ago. They understood what the stakes were better than we did, perhaps. Now let's pray the medals are awarded soon, before we lose another old gentleman.

I note from the same speech that the WWII veterans of Bomber Command have finally been recognised too, after particularly shabby treatment.