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Moving platforms

Now that I've closed my Facebook page, which is where most of my discussions with readers about books and writing took place, I'll be moving that activity over to my Goodreads blog. It seemed like the logical thing to do. The Goodreads one has a comments function, so you can have a chat with me, whereas this one doesn't. If you don't want to dive into my Twitter feed – which is basically politics, defence, mil hist, cookery, spiders, and general hilarity, and might not be to everyone's taste – then Goodreads is your best bet.

Material that I blog via Goodreads doesn't get duplicated here, so it'll be unique content. I'll still sync content from here so that it appears on Goodreads as well, but the rest will be specific to Goodreads.

That's how I
think it works, anyway. Drop by for a chat any time. You'll be very welcome.

New series on the way.

I'm still working on SACRIFICIAL RED, book three of the Ringer series, but I thought it was a good time to let you know that I've also got some new novels lined up that you probably weren't expecting – and, to be honest, neither was I. I'd scheduled an urban fantasy series for later in the summer, but then something cropped up that warranted a change of plan.

Fellow indie authors Jason Anspach and Nick Cole asked me how I felt about collaborating with them and building something new in their growing and very successful
Galaxy's Edge universe. I suppose you could call it a meeting of brands. We saw eye to eye on so many things that it seemed like a good idea – no, a great idea – so when Sacrificial Red has been put to bed, that's what I'll be doing for a while. For those folks who've already asked me what's happening to the Ringer series – it'll continue, of course, along with other new series as I add them. Oddly, writing several series at once is generally easier for me than focusing on just one, because ideas for series A often come up while you're working on series B, and so on. Brains are weird things.

Anyway, I'm still working up a concept at the moment, but it'll be set in a different part of the universe and in a different timeline to the current Galaxy's Edge books, and not co-authored, in other words these books will be written just by me. (Because I have no idea how to write a book jointly with anyone. My brain's not wired for it.) You know by now how I tell a story. You're going to get memorable characters, mucky politics, and ordinary people rising to the challenge of extraordinary events. If you haven't caught up with the Galaxy's Edge series yet, now is the time to start. You can even try one of their short stories for free if you
sign up for the mailing list. Go on. You know you want to.

I've been publishing independently since 2014, and in that time the indie world has changed out of all recognition. It's not Big Publishing’s poor relation any more: it's business-savvy and it's taking a significant share of the market. Because it's made up of individual authors and small presses, it can innovate and adapt faster, which is why it's changing both the sheer variety of books available and the ways that books reach the reader. One area where it's developing fast is collaborations between indies to give them a better chance of competing alongside big multinational publishers.

Book collaborations, where authors co-write novels, is as old as the hills. But the kind of collaboration we're talking about is more ambitious – groups of indies pooling their resources on everything from editing and marketing to building franchises. Where writers already have a brand, harnessing those brands together for a project can be good for everyone. As Jason said to me, this is the next stage of evolution: first came Trad Pub, traditional publishing, then came Indie Pub, and now we're in the early era of what he's dubbed New Pub. New Pub will be good for authors, and also good for you as readers. The whole independent publishing movement is about creating more choice and letting authors and readers connect without anything else getting in the way. New Pub kicks that up a notch.

More will be revealed in the coming months, so keep an eye on the
Galaxy's Edge blog and Facebook page, as well as this web site and my social media.


G.I. Joe

The G.I. Joe series by me and Steve Kurth that was published in 2015 is now available in a single paperback, on sale next month. (Maybe this month in some comic stores.) A cracking cover from Steve! It was previously published in two books as well as monthly issues. So nothing new if you've already bought the series, but as I say, a gorgeous cover, and the tidy appeal of having all the issues in one book.

Fall of G.I. Joe TPB

Preview now live

Okay, we can’t keep you waiting any longer. Here’s the preview issue of FURIE’S KEY and FERAL from 412 Comics, two prologue-length stories to tee you up for the full-length issues coming soon. It’s free. You’re welcome. Enjoy.

It’sa PDF, so it’s best viewed in two-page setting, I think, but maybe you prefer single continuous page if you’re viewing on a tablet.

Cover of Furie's Key preview comic

Furie's Key preview

Just a quick heads up... the preview issue of FURIE'S KEY from 412 Comics will be out next week, and there'll be a free download available. I'll post the link when I get it. Story by me, art by the excellent Steve Kurth. We first worked together on G.I. Joe and it's been a delight to work with him again in a very different universe.

The issue also includes a preview of FERAL, written by John Barber. (My old editor from the G.I.Joe days, in fact. It's the old firm again!) Art is by Ron Joseph.

Think of these two mini-stories as prologues for the main series that start later this year. The preview also contains some behind-the-scenes interviews.

In the meantime, you can check out 412's titles here. They’re a new publisher with a great stable of new universes lined up for the coming year.