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New stuff

There'll be news later this month about some new stuff from me, says she cryptically.
To be honest, when I say news, it'll actually be the product itself. I apologise for the lack of advance notice or even basic information, but for various reasons it's been kept under tight wraps. So the new Traviss thing that can't be named yet will be (should be) available from the end of this month. Watch this space. I'll post the details here as soon as I have clearance to do so.

The only clue I can give you at the moment is that it's something I'd never thought I'd work on. It never even crossed my mind. It's turned out to be even more fun that I expected, enabling me to go down some paths I hadn't tried before.

My policy for the last couple of years has been that life's too short to work on anything that isn't fun, so maybe that goes without saying.

Oh, and a reminder thatTHE THURSDAY WAR is out on October 2, so if you haven't pre-ordered that yet, now's the time.