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Served the UK faithfully? Then we'll deport you.

You can stay in the UK if you're a foreign paedophile, killer, or terrorist, but if you've served this country you can forget all that human rights malarkey.
This was supposed to be the year we could show our pride in Britain, but with every passing day, I find more reasons to be utterly ashamed of my country. I've reached the stage where the sight of our flag being waved makes me a little nauseous.

You folks in the US have probably heard about our inability to deport foreign criminals when they've served their sentences. Because we don't make all our own laws and have handed over a big chunk of our legislative powers to an unelected body in Brussels, we can't kick out the scum of other people's countries when they've committed crimes here. They have "human rights." Their victims don't have those same rights, oddly enough, but they do. Our judges decide they have a right to a family life if they've put down some roots here. It's all part of the laughably abused European legislation on human rights.

So what roots could possibly be deeper than serving in the British Army for 13 years, being married to a British national, and having children born and raised here?

Apparently putting your life on the line for this ungrateful cesspit of a nation isn't enough, and Lance Corporal Isimeli Baleiwai - a Fijian - has to get out in a matter of weeks.

Damn, if only he'd had the sense to be a murderer, a terrorist, a rapist, or a child molester. Then we'd have let him stay when he'd served his sentence. We'd even spend millions of pounds of taxpayers' money helping him fight deportation. In fact, we meekly let hundreds of them stay.

Just when I think our political masters can't possibly get any more loathsome, incompetent, corrupt, hypocritical, or dishonest, they always pull a new vile rabbit out of the hat. I'd really hoped we'd get some respite when the lying war criminal Blair was deposed, but it's one lesson I still hadn't learned even at my age: that there's always another arsehole to take their place. I quit the Conservative party on the day in 2005 that David Cameron described himself as Blair's heir, and I should have realised then that anyone who thought aping Blair was a selling point was going to be an unmitigated disaster in office, as well as dangerously stupid.

And he is. But we get the country and the politicians we deserve. We're going down the toilet because we never stood up for ourselves. And while our pointless Foreign Secretary, William Hague, is trying desperately to talk us into yet another Middle East war we haven't thought through and can't even resource, we're falling over ourselves to spit on the very men who'll no doubt be called on to sacrifice themselves for whatever current overseas adventure takes the fancy of the chinless, gutless, and clueless fools we managed to elect.

Forget Syria, Mr. Hague. (Just like you've already forgotten the violence in Bahrain, because it's inconvenient for us and the USA to kick up a fuss.) How about some freedom and independence for the people of Britain? Then we could decide who we want to have in our country. Men like Isimeli Balewai, maybe.