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The Nomad story continues.

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Nobody argues with the kings of the Mastan. Kugad's word is law on nine worlds.

But the Kugin, armament manufacturers without equal and rulers of an interplanetary empire, have lost a top-secret prototype warship, hijacked by the teerik engineers who designed it – and those engineers hold the military secrets of both Kugad and every nation that buys its arms. It's only a matter of time before that intelligence falls into the wrong hands. Kugad's sprawling spy network has failed to find any trace of the ship, though, and for the first time in generations, they have to face a worrying possibility: is there a new threat on the Mastan's border?

On Opis, the clock is also ticking for Captain Bridget Ingram and the fugitive teeriks as Nomad Base prepares for the inevitable day the Kugin discover humans have arrived and given the teeriks sanctuary. Ingram now has the ultimate in alien weapons technology at her disposal, but she knows using it might have consequences she'll live to regret.

On Earth, word's getting out that the Nomad mission wasn't lost with all hands as claimed – and that it's sitting on unimaginable resources and riches that could transform the fortunes of a struggling, battered world. A forty-light-year gold rush is about to kick off.



(Nomad book 3)

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Their old world’s in chaos. Their new world’s in danger. And they don't trust each other.

Opis is now home to a reluctant band of evacuees in mankind’s most distant and secret outpost, Nomad Base. There’s no going back to an Earth brought to its knees by bioterrorism. But Nomad's colonists are torn. Do they offer their old world a lifeline by sharing a groundbreaking alien drive technology, creating an exodus that'll overwhelm them, or keep Earth’s problems at arm’s length from their chance to start over?

While they face the prospect of an alien attack, someone’s stirred up a stew of new complications and re-ignited old grudges by making contact with Earth. What’s the biggest threat to their survival now, an alien navy or their own feuds?

Whatever happens, they can’t give up on Nomad. Here they stand, or die.

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