I've split my novels into series, with a reader advisory for age suitability just in case. I don’t write YA books, despite the Star Wars titles. All my books are for adult readers and most are M for Mature, so please bear that in mind if you don’t want your kids to read it or if you’re offended by it yourself. Click on the series title for more information. Kids hear worse in the playground and see more extreme stuff on TV that's somehow rated for 12 and older, but I issue the warnings just in case. And there are some words that are mild in the UK but enough to cause the vapours in the US, and vice versa. Proceed accordingly. If you want to ask more specific questions about suitability, please e-mail me.

After a brief flurry of stories when I first started writing, I gave up short fiction except for specially commissioned work for franchises and other nice little earners from time to time. The ideas that I once turned into shorts became either novels or comics. In the time it takes me to write a short, I can write a third of a novel, or two comics, or several levels of a game, or even a complete script.

Up to now, shorts haven't paid enough to be worth the time, but now that independent publishing has rewritten the rule book on what's possible, and there are so many formats and ways to deliver stories to readers — text, audio, audio drama — that short fiction is thriving again. And it's pretty exciting to have those opportunities.

Some of the stories are available as an anthology, VIEW OF A REMOTE COUNTRY, in e-book and paperback. The full list of shorts (or at least the ones I can definitely link to a publication) is here.


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Writing comics is the most fun you can get paid for without being arrested. If I had to pick just one medium to work in, I suspect comics might win.

By series:


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As well as writing Gears novels and comics, I was the lead writer on Gears of War 3. Even if you're not a gamer and you think it's all blood and grunting, take a look at Gears and give it a chance. It really does have a story, the cinematics are world class, there's real acting from the voice talent, and I worked my guts out on it. So don't let my efforts be in vain. You will play, and you will love it, but even if you don't play, at least enjoy the wonderful cinematics. It's a very special IP that'll always be the best franchise project I've worked on and I'm genuinely proud to have been part of it.

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